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Frequently Asked Questions

We invite everyone to use this space to search for questions and ask questions. This is a unique service and we welcome your inquiries.


Yes, these highly advanced quantum systems are for sale around the globe from other companies other than ours. However, those complex systems are owned and operated by you. Should you wish to purchase one these complex systems are typically operated by the owner and operator and not automatic or programmed as we have done.  The advantage of what we are offering is automation of complex systems so you don’t have another thing to do on your list nor a need to purchase another technology.

Yes you can purchase a system yourself.  However, you will then need to run it personally (ie non automated).  They currently sell for 10s of thousands of dollars

The Quantum Acceleration Service in NOT for sale.

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Other than the creator and support team, no one generally “sees” the QAS systems in person. Why? Simply at the moment, it feels right to have the systems tucked away from the world but we are more than happy to chat and connect live if you have more questions cause the people behind the systems are always around.

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Never.  The energy fields are so subtle that no harm is ever triggered by the body.  This being said please remember that each time the system works on you it is performing an energy balance and it is not uncommon for individuals to feel and better state of vibrancy and health.

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All healing modalities are accelerated by this service. If you imagine it as a “cleaning service” that helps clean up your field of energy, then it helps in every situation.  Imagine asking someone, in what house does a cleaning lady NOT make a difference?  Well you would likely answer almost every person has dust in a corner of their house.. lol

Here is a list of modalities we have had experiences with; Reiki, Re-connective Healing, Massage, Acupressure, Acupuncture, Aromatherapy, Biofeedback, Homeopathy, Naturopathy, Chiropractic, Reflexology, Landmark, Theta Healing, Touch for Life, Access Consciousness, Channeling, Chakra Balancing, Light Language,Yoga and Meditation.

If you are wondering about any other healing please fill in a questionsbelow or use the Contact Use form.

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Rarely if ever.  If you have a ultra sensitive person sitting next to you they may feel you being affected by the energy session but we do not believe they sense the focused energy work.  The energy is specifically focused on your unique energy signature. It should be noted that if the QAS is focused on working on the space you are in you and others may notice the energy shift.

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