FAQ for Personal Healing Journey

Our intent is to provide you information that assists you in making a decision if this service is for you..   We make NO CLAIMS as to the results. This information is for educational purposed and to assist you in understanding what this service is…  Thanks for reading some or all of these FAQ..


Search the FAQS for specific reference to things like, Pets, Reiki etc…

Interested in Personal Healing ? (2)

Other than the creator and support team, no one generally “sees” the QAS systems in person. Why? Simply at the moment, it feels right to have the systems tucked away from the world but we are more than happy to chat and connect live if you have more questions cause the people behind the systems are always around.

The current service level intention is to connect and energetically check up on you 2-3 times per day.

Misc (5)

Unfortunately, we are not qualified for counseling you on our journey of life.   Please contact a professional to assist with any related emotional issues if they arise while being on this service. We are simply using energy to help loosen the load one might say..

Yes, these highly advanced quantum systems are for sale around the globe from other companies other than ours. However, those complex systems are owned and operated by you. Should you wish to purchase one these complex systems are typically operated by the owner and operator and not automatic or programmed as we have done.  The advantage of what we are offering is automation of complex systems so you don’t have another thing to do on your list nor a need to purchase another technology.

Yes you can purchase a system yourself.  However, you will then need to run it personally (ie non automated).  They currently sell for 10s of thousands of dollars

The Quantum Acceleration Service in NOT for sale.

I guess this service isn’t for you unless you are (like us) on a journey of self actualization and expansion.. We believe this service helps us accelerate and reach our higher potential.  When you reach this HIGH state, everything is within us… Until then.. hmm not so sure we can deal with the aggressive energies on the earth today.. It si why we make this service available to you.

Then why did you find this sire and this specific information.  We would suggest you need this to help dissipate the stuff you release while doing Reiki. LOL but what do we actually know.

We totally agree. Please go inside and decide if this energetic service is for you.  It is NOT for EVERYONE.   Don’t sweat it, we don’t mind if you don’t believe us.. No worries eh.. LOL For us this has changed our lives.. I (bill) have an Information Technology background and it makes makes no DAMN sense why this stuff works but it does..  So may of us continue to take a step ahead and 2 steps back.. WTF. check out the testimonials.. they are real… Heart felt and genuine.. You decide.

Service Details (13)

We all choose to live on a planet and there is lots and lots going on around us each and every day. Like good food, we would suggest that having good energetic support is required for all. This is one of our ways to strengthen and sustain higher vibrational fields around us as continue on your journey of love and love.

Yes of course you can, simply click the link to unsubscribe from the session emails received from the QAS system at the bottom. Give us up to 72 hours to adjust our systems and you should not be receiving notices any longer. If you still are do not hesitate to reach out, sometimes we make mistakes too:)

Not at all. The systems can find you anytime anywhere.  They work anywhere you are.

Never… The energy fields are so subtle that no pain is triggered.  That being said if their are significant attachments, the attachment may choose to inflict discomfort as it is commanded to leave you space, or person.

When you sign up you can decide to receive one or two forms of communication to let you know when the systems are doing their thing. One form is a daily summary and the other is each time the system provides balancing services.  After the system does a distance session you will receive a confirmation email indicating what was done and how many minutes each step took. Reports from some QAS members is that many can actually feel when the system is doing an energy balance and clearing…Seeing the emails allows you to correlate what you are seeing and the results specifically for you.

Each session will vary in length depending on what you need at the time. Sometimes we all need extra support or balancing. Other times not as much. If you need extra balancing the system will “work” with you until it achieves a certain state of balance. If extra support is needed you will see an email from the system called  – Loving Embrace. If things are a little more balanced than usual the system will still provide some air support and it will send a note called “Gentle Hug”.


Some people notice or feel them immediately. Some never feel it but notice that their life starts to move forward. Some seem to sense that the ‘downs’ they experience are less intense. If you are not sure considering making note of where your life is before and after that service starts and see where it goes.

Never.  The energy fields are so subtle that no harm is ever triggered by the body.  This being said please remember that each time the system works on you it is performing an energy balance and it is not uncommon for individuals to feel and better state of vibrancy and health.

Both children and pets respond amazingly. What a gift to our children if we can assist them in holding the joy, happiness, and optimism that all children have naturally.  The soul of your child chose to be born into a time when this technology is here to help…. Why not leverage it ?

Like a beautiful woman in our lives once said, ” I do my work…their fathers do not, & I don’t work with/on my kids outside of the occasional morning intention settings, driving to school, & bedtime prayers/activations” So what a great way to help provide energetic air support in a complex world.

Our intention is to share with you of the monthly energy flow(revenue) assuming you do the following;

  1. Openly and honestly share the QAS while making no claims
  2. Support your clients as questions come up with the service.
  3. Liaison with us related to client concerns or observations
  4. Keep your account in good standing with us.  We CHOOSE to work with only people who are founded in love and integrity.

All healing modalities are accelerated by this service. If you imagine it as a “cleaning service” that helps clean up your field of energy, then it helps in every situation.  Imagine asking someone, in what house does a cleaning lady NOT make a difference?  Well you would likely answer almost every person has dust in a corner of their house.. lol

Here is a list of modalities we have had experiences with; Reiki, Re-connective Healing, Massage, Acupressure, Acupuncture, Aromatherapy, Biofeedback, Homeopathy, Naturopathy, Chiropractic, Reflexology, Landmark, Theta Healing, Touch for Life, Access Consciousness, Channeling, Chakra Balancing, Light Language,Yoga and Meditation.

If you are wondering about any other healing please fill in a questionsbelow or use the Contact Use form.

 This is quick video showing how a person requests a On-Demand Sessions from the QAS Centre.



Rarely if ever.  If you have a ultra sensitive person sitting next to you they may feel you being affected by the energy session but we do not believe they sense the focused energy work.  The energy is specifically focused on your unique energy signature. It should be noted that if the QAS is focused on working on the space you are in you and others may notice the energy shift.


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