Understanding Quantum Acceleration Services

The Quantum Acceleration Services delivers energetic “air support” for those dedicated to love, self and community transformation through living in a Higher State of Consciousness. Developed to leverage an industry leading Quantum Energy System through automating its use in providing energy healing, balancing and clearing services to aide you. No matter what walk of life, spiritual practice or beliefs this service just works. You do not need to do anything but LIVE. The QAS uses conscious technology that helps open portals of light leaving you feeling more open, expansive and easier in your day to day living.


Services We Offer

Our services are continually expanding. If there is something you are interested balancing/clearing let us know!

How Much Does It Cost?

For the initial launch of this service, we are offering an automated acceleration service for as little as $3 to $5 CDN per day. Putting that into perspective, it’s about a cup of coffee a day.

We have been asked many times, why so low? We have seen great change and felt a calling to also balance the service by making sure it was a service people felt comfortable adding into their lives without having to gauge their pocketbooks. That is the beauty of leveraging technology.

What we have seen is technology can be increasingly leveraged to help all of us leverage the beauty of automation to make it easier for us all. This service is here to assist those that understand and know and invest in the “energetic” space in a more simple, streamlined, approach. Is it NOT our intention to ‘replace’ the work that people do. We, as human beings, crave personal connection and know that will never go away. The technology is designed to leverage what you are currently doing or using.


For any of the Empower Service, Location Clearing, Situation Balancing, Sleep or Stress Management Services.

What do we ask of you ? A minimum of a three-month commitment via a monthly recurring charge using either a major credit card or Paypal Recurring payments. You then have the option anytime after three months simply by cancelling your subscription.
*Plus Applicable Taxes.

Bundled Services and Pricing Available, see below.

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One Month Service


Retail Value $250

*plus applicable taxes

Examples of Packages