The Single Parent Initiative

This is created to support energetically sensitive single parents and their children during times of transition and change. There are many aware, sensitive families that are seeking ways to support themselves and their children. This is an opportunity to use advanced quantum technology to clear, balance and support you and your children’s energy fields without needing to know or do anything different. It just happens. Watch and see how systems can be used to help clear, balance and stabilize energy fields so they can more fully step into being more of themselves.

We have seen moms move through tough situations more easily, with a lightness and more stability and children’s gifts being stabilized. They have felt happier, lighter, more supported. Sensitive kids have shared that they feel more stable and flowing more easily.

Energetic Support for Single Parents & Their Children

Ann and Chantal share their personal experience as parents and their passion for wanting to create this new initiative to support single parents.

Chantal's Perspective

"I have been working with elementary schools for the last 5 years and I have seen children go through difficult times because of family situations. This Single Parent Initiative will help you, support you, love you through all the tough times and changes. I am so excited about it because as a parent myself we try so hard to do the best we can and sometimes we just don't have that tool to show up and know what to do. This system is amazing and will help your children and yourself be more calm, happier. "

Ann's Perspective

"As a single parent and a family of divorced parents, I have witnessed and seen what divorce can do and let's be real all of it is not pretty. Even mine, no matter how hard I tried to do it with love, it still got ugly at times. About three ago things got really ugly energetically and we used these systems to support me, my children and my-ex during change, a time of great change. Now I wouldn’t be without these systems for me and my family as we each choose our own journey to change. Change through love.


Single Parents share their experience on the QAS system.

What Are We Looking For?

We are targeting to assist 100 single parent families supported by the end of 2020. Why? Because we have seen what this service can do for single parents and their kids over the last 6 months to a year. We feel called to offer this level of support and feel inspired to give back this way because we truly care.

  • We are not here trying to convince you of anything. If you feel called please take action.
  • We are not saying it is the “perfect” solution and the only answer but what we do know is that it provides easy 24/7 support to facilitate great change.
  • This service will not make situations go away. Rather it can help deal with extraneous energies and bring things more into balance.

Sign Up

Energy Exchange - $50/Month
+ $100 One Time Setup Fee*

This initiative includes approximately 120 hours of subtle energy support per month per person. This service Includes energy balance sessions, happiness boosts, assistance with clearing extraneous interfering energies in your field and more.

**Current price per month for a family of 4 is $150 to 175 per month.

What are we asking in return?
We ask that each single-parent family share with one other family in the first 6 weeks of the service.

If you see a difference and can afford more simply pay it forward by donating more to help pay it forward through love.

Want To Know More?

Listen to Gage Tarrant from MINDNRG as she shares the profound capabilities these systems can offer.