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Frequently Asked Questions

We invite everyone to use this space to search for questions and ask questions. This is a unique service and we welcome your inquiries.

How does it work ?

Not at all. The systems can find you anytime anywhere.  They work anywhere you are.

Never… The energy fields are so subtle that no pain is triggered.  That being said if their are significant attachments, the attachment may choose to inflict discomfort as it is commanded to leave you space, or person.

When you sign up you can decide to receive one or two forms of communication to let you know when the systems are doing their thing. One form is a daily summary and the other is each time the system provides balancing services.  After the system does a distance session you will receive a confirmation email indicating what was done and how many minutes each step took. Reports from some QAS members is that many can actually feel when the system is doing an energy balance and clearing…Seeing the emails allows you to correlate what you are seeing and the results specifically for you.

Some people notice or feel them immediately. Some never feel it but notice that their life starts to move forward. Some seem to sense that the ‘downs’ they experience are less intense. If you are not sure considering making note of where your life is before and after that service starts and see where it goes.

Rarely if ever.  If you have a ultra sensitive person sitting next to you they may feel you being affected by the energy session but we do not believe they sense the focused energy work.  The energy is specifically focused on your unique energy signature. It should be noted that if the QAS is focused on working on the space you are in you and others may notice the energy shift.

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