February 11, 2019

What healing healing modalities is it compatible with ?

All healing modalities are accelerated by this service. If you imagine it as a “cleaning service” that helps clean up your field of energy, then it […]
February 10, 2019

I believe everything is inside me…

I guess this service isn’t for you unless you are (like us) on a journey of self actualization and expansion.. We believe this service helps us […]
February 10, 2019

How often does it connect to me?

The current service level intention is to connect and energetically check up on you 2-3 times per day.
February 5, 2019

Can I unsubscribe from the emails and stay on the service?

Yes of course you can, simply click the link to unsubscribe from the session emails received from the QAS system at the bottom. Give us up to […]